In 7 days, you will build a morning routine that's realistic, refreshing, and 100% yours.

This 7-day email series will help you figure out YOUR perfect morning routine, not the stereotypical influencer routine. Show yourself love and self-care by filling your cup every morning.

What is the 7-day challenge?

Day 1 - Making Your Morning

The first step is figuring out what YOUR morning routine should look like. I'll share some questions you can ask yourself that will help you figure out what you need in a morning routine so that it will be satisfying, help you get started on your day, and be cup-filling.

Day 2 - Reflection Moments

Next up is reflecting on where you are in your life and thinking about how routines in your life can help you find balance with being a mom, being a human, and any other responsibilities you have. 

Day 3 - Goal-Setting

On Day 3 we'll practice goal-setting. Learning how to set different types of goals will not only help you to feel more accomplished, but will also help you to feel more hopeful towards the future and feel more accomplished because you will know how to set manageable and achievable goals. 

Day 4 - Check-In and Being Flexible

Here we will check-in about how you're feeling. How is the morning routine going? What can we change to help things go smoother? Morning routines aren't something you just decide one day and it magically comes together. It takes some real trial and error! 

Day 5 - Adding on to Your Routine

So what about when you're reading to add more to your morning routine? Today we will talk about how to add more things without overwhelming yourself or going backwards in your progress.

Day 6 - Accepting Your Season in Life

Today we'll talk about how to accept your season in life and how things will look different for you vs. any other person. When you find yourself trying to live as if you're in a different season, you'll come up against resistance and frustration. 

Day 7 - Where to Go  from Here

The final day! We've made a lot of progress and had a lot of reflection this week. We'll recap what we've learning and I'll provide some recommendations on some resources you can use to cement this routine into place and some other routines that might be helpful to start tackling. 

Hi, my name is...

Jillian and I'm the mama behind Take Heart, Mamas. Since becoming a mom, I struggled with finding my own identity again and balancing care for myself with the role and responsibility f being a mother. I love sharing what has helped me find myself again and this morning routine challenge with hopefully help you move along in your own journey. 

7 day challenge

All you need is 7 days to stop pouring constantly from an empty cup and start a soul-refreshing routine.

All I need is just 7 days to show you how

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