Manifesting your dreams and your ideal life doesn’t have to be some woo-woo magic. In fact, most people just misunderstand the power of manifesting. But what does it mean to manifest something? When you start manfesting, you are opening yourself up to achieve your goals instead of subconsciously holding yourself back.

Manifesting is a technique used to bring about positive change in your life. You can use it to train your thoughts and beliefs to attract your desired outcome or situation. Manifesting is often referred to as “speaking into existence” the things that you wish for, but it goes beyond just wishing. It works on the premise that all of reality, including what we experience in our lives, reflects our inner state.

At its core, manifesting is about using the power of positive thinking and visualization to achieve an outcome. Manifesting is not a gimmick or a shortcut – it requires effort and dedication to bring forth change. It also involves actively creating opportunities and taking steps to improve your life. Manifesting is not a “magic bullet” that will immediately bring about instant change, but rather a tool to help manifest the desired changes over time. You can’t just wish for something and magically have it handed to you.

Manifesting is also not just wishful thinking – it requires action to be effective. Believing in the power of manifesting and taking the necessary steps to bring about the desired outcome is key. Taking small but consistent actions over time can help manifest the positive changes one wants in life.

Ultimately, manifesting is a powerful tool that can be used to make significant changes in one’s life and create the future one desires. With dedication, focus, and action, one can use manifesting to bring about the life of their dreams.

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Manifesting Techniques That You Can Start Today

1. Visualization: Visualizing a desired outcome and imagining yourself having it can help bring the desired result into reality. When you start making your goals part of your daily life, you start actually believing they’re possible.

2. Positive Affirmations: Repeating positive affirmations keeps your focus on your goals and manifestations and reminds you of what you want to achieve. Keeping affirmations around you throughout the day can help get you out of a funk and refocus your priorities. Bookmarks and cards with affirmations on them are great to scatter around your house and office.  

3. Gratitude: Showing gratitude for what you have now and being thankful for even small wins helps keep your mindset in an abundant state of mind which helps manifest more abundance into your life. The emotions you feel are a key aspect of your ability to manifest positive things into your life.

4. Taking Action: Just believing that your desires will be fulfilled without taking action is not enough. You have to take tangible steps towards achieving them! This helps helps to bring about the desired results faster and more effectively, rather than just thinking or visualizing them alone. As you manifest your dreams and take the needed actions towards achieving them, you will see new opportunities come up for you that you weren’t expecting, and find new knowledge that will help you achieve greater things.  

5. Letting Go & Surrendering To The Universe: Releasing control over achieving your goals allows the universe to align itself with your intentions, creating opportunities that may have been impossible before. If you spend too much effort trying to make something happen instead of allowing it to come naturally, instead of manifesting your goals, you start manifesting the effort! And you’ll keep manifesting more and more effort without ever getting anywhere. Don’t focus on the how. Focus on the outcome, and watch the how come to you.

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Tips to Start Manifesting

If you’re looking to start a manifestation practice in your life today, it’s easy to start!

First, you can start by assessing where you are in life and then where you want to be. How do you feel about your life today? And how would it feel to have everything you desire? The goal here is not to compare your life now to your future life – because that’s focusing on lack. Instead, let yourself feel the way you would feel after you have everything.

Do regular check-ins on your emotions. Are you living in the feelings of lack or are you letting yourself feel satisfied and successful like you’ve already achieved your dreams? Your manifesting will only bring you forward if you let yourself feel secure and confident in your success.

There are a few different manifesting activities you can implement that will help you walk through your goals and emotions to get you going in the right direction.

Working through manifestation journals or worksheets like these can help you learn the process you must go through to manifest. The breakdown of how to manifest can be incredibly helpful, especially for beginners, so you don’t get caught up in the details.

If you have a lot of financial stress you’re carrying around, I suggest working with the blank cheque exercise. This exercise helps you manifest financial abundance while helping to reprogram your thoughts about writing cheques and spending money. By writing these blank cheques, you can learn to feel confident and powerful when writing cheques instead of stressed or anxious.

Check out these free printable blank cheques that you can download to start working through financial blocks today!